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I stood at myself and at a certain moment of which I  will reveal I saw mega years into the future.  I have received hundreds of prophecies of which none failed to come true.

FLASH DREAM:  I saw these figures of numbers, letters, and symbols in a high new kind of math lay out:

P… + Q. V transpositions = 12 exciton actions in transverse ion crossover oscillations between matter /antimatter states.  At the rate of circa 3.709621 = Z p..+q.v X’s CV.

This moves to manifold when neutron ions are introduced.    Trans-vibrations V+ at log squared of resultant is squared to quantum cube +x manifolds 572 atomic lattice with angle escape:  0.12301

This affects code F. Dom. repel…and breaks the ionic bond by a 6 face split using atomic spins to balance liberation of actions.  Quantum well re-conveyed, approach is to collapse the axiom Constant of the 572 atomic lattice  after ion dipole exchange is in place.

CONCEPT:  diamond atomized quantum style computers stack style like unto the style of honeycombs 1/2 hexagonal prism capped with half a rhombic dodecahedron.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • chava


    28 August 2011 am31 10:45 |
    New Math Revelation being revealed thank you Jesus!

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