Your State of Disrepair Can Be Reconstructed

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Beyond the speed of the twinkling of an eye the rushing of spacecrafts fly. Lies ride on strings (the massive fallacy of a part of the string theory) but is challenge by the living rivers of Holy Manifest waters.  The Manifest reality goes forth hither and thither causing dead tales buried as truth to be resurrected for the zombies they really are. The Manifest realization energizes the truth once spoken erroneously and interpreted as dead tales. In a stroke, those truths by the power of prayers for the dead, and by the power of their true stories, resurrect the real revelation of those holy saints.

The quantum computer comes…using human neuron biomass interfaced into computer circuitry. As a result robots will abound in nearly all phases of their operations for human life.   Satellites will be put in orbit around other planets in the solar system. In the hither and the thither of the climbing of stars’ ladder, exponential scientific growth will advance to put satellites in orbits around planets deep in space beyond this solar system.

Lucifer-Satan has the keys to the bottomless pit of space. Lucifer-Satan will already be there prior to the far trek of the mortals. Compare, Revelation 9:1-11 KJV ).

But the Seraphim, Cherubim, and *Arcturians, (*off-spring of Enoch at the Father’s House, who are aligned with the Star Arctura in Bootes, metaphor of Jesus, the coming One), will be out there too.  

Mortals will learn how to align their spacecraft to the gravity waves of a particular destination by choosing the closest large star or planet to that area and using remote aligning to it’s gravity waves. Gravity waves can be extended through electromagnetic energy. At a certain point as the space-ship reaches approximate destination or is getting too close to the planet or star’s gravity, the pilots will turn off the entanglelator.

Those persons heretofore satisfied with smallholdings of spirituality will for once and all cast off the shadows of ignorance. The demarcation line is finished, you are called to be free. It is time to drive your animal-demons away from you for once and for all.

The discrepancies that have kept your spiritual accuracy of intonation off pitch must pass as old worlds in you die and new worlds are born. No more splitting the difference, it is time to be 100% on course.

The days of diddle must pass for a new language dialect is at hand. You who are of the minds, whose mental screens are concentrated on the “days of wrath” as your expectancy, have chosen the cradle death as the birth and death subject for living.

You who have chosen fear for your life will know but the rarest moments of peace. Sadly, some far into the crossover to the spirit realm…your eyes will be opened to discover that in the once when you were of the Ophan (Wheel) angels, those you hated on earth were once travel companions with you on your missions of love- creation journeys through the Galaxies of the Universe.  

Sadly, the deviation of a Luciferian distraction blurred your great angelic path and at the brink of the moment your wave veered.   Your mind now lives on earth in the “land of forgetfulness” between two intersecting planes. There is the upward inclination and the downward inclination.   Nevertheless, your state of disrepair can be reconstructed.  

The computer, with power that can grind down mountains is just around the corner is in the process of being invented and for some period will continue on a path of advance. (Compare, Israel to have advanced computer war weapons, Isaiah 41:15-16 KJV).

Eventually, in the time of yonder it will be only a matter of happenings until the Dragon will give life and the ability of speaking to an ultimate computer Beast machine (Compare, Revelation 13:4-7 KJV).

The elect angels must sow the seeds of Spirit Mind consciousness until one’s “first language” not of this earth world is restored. Then will rise “movers of the Spirit”.

The mind kettle of those persons who are “poor of spirit”, flighty of emotions, and sketchy of thinking power, being victims of creeping negative genetics, shall by those elect angels have a baptism of “lattice change” which shall spin their minds ever upwards.

The furtherances that shall be born will come from the matrixes of those who have escaped the black suck holes of Luciferian tricks.

Those things, which have seemed remote in time and space, will be drawn together as though a walk across the street when the Holy Spirit power reveals the divining to shrink space.

Electronic lens that can even telescope the stars or see the very small, worn on one’s own eyes, will open vision to humankind beyond the best such talent of animals and birds.

I predict the most sensational times to live are just ahead.   You who hum in the stew pot of fear and “end of the world” scenarios…need to get out of that stew pot before you become part of the stew.  

Everything is beautiful in its own way. Even those you have deeply loved but who have turned away, if you never cease loving them, will one day recognize you are and always have been heavenly.   The attire of constant love is alien to this earth world, nevertheless, is the great attractor of all hearts.

Brains in computers call “Dark-is-on” are Draconian. Your human brain is a computer that when Spirit connected will outshine the sun.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • Karren Palmer

    Karren Palmer

    15 March 2016 pm31 17:12 |
    Such an exhiliration comes over me as I read this. Such joy, fun, anticipation at living in this new realm!!!! We might have to call it Reveal City. Citizenship is expanding!

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