The Sound-line of God (Soundtron)

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“In the beginning was the Word” (St. John 1:1 KJV); the soundtron, the quantum jewelery of God-information planted in the everything of everywhere...


In memoirs of involutional mentations, soulful truths are freed from a deep silence.  Give these truths wings O’ Lord, that these truths never fall back to lost densities.  Neuro-transmitters come; send the star dots of knowledge to the ends of the Earth.

O shivering shoes, leave the cold empty places and, come, walk on the warm soils of holy ground.  Messengers, come in the whistling winds. Open your skyways and let the God-winds blow.  

From whence come these myths and mythologies, which is said, to anciently mirror the Christ story long before the birth of Jesus?  Tell me, if one is given to know the ordinances of heaven, might not such a one use that knowledge to take dominion over the land of forgetfulness and restore lost memories to the fallen mortals? (Job 38:33 KJV). 

To understand many of these things, a person needs to consider some wondrous and marvelous facts….. The whole universe has a quantum consciousness that is full of potentiations and themes.

The Bible says this in Psalms 19:1-6 KJV and Romans 10:17-18 KJV and a good number of other Scriptures.  Accordingly, there  are declarations of speech and knowledge that are ubiquitous as edicts of subliminal mentations called the “line” in Psalms 19:4, called the “sound” in Romans 10:18, and called the “soundtron” in Manifester teachings.  This embedded information penetrates throughout all existence (Psalms 19:2-3 KJV).

A main part of that information called “the law of the Lord” (Psalms 19:7 KJV) includes:  codes for perfecting, the energizing of spirit Soul, declarings of wisdom (testimony, speech, prophecies), rules for happiness, insights to pure love, eternal respect for God, and the dispositions that result in choices of what is true and what is good (the opposites of what is true and good produce, unsaid here, opposite dispositions or judgements).  

There are extra-sensory potentials of electro-magnetic intertwinements (entanglement) which operate super to (above) ordinary human senses and allow a connectedness to universal consciousness.  Every Souled mortal is privy to this inherent capability.  In some ways, everything is connected, but on different levels and in different orders of higher states and lower states.

So then, it is a mental superposition, local and nonlocal, that allows all mortals consciously or subconsciously to link to the ubiquitous information flow that The Manifester calls the “soundtron”. Here, then, is the matrix lattice of the very framework of creation spelled out in the language of the stars as promoted by the Invisible Ultimate I-AM God.

Faster-than-light symmetries of time as used in classical physics do not work.  However in the conjunctional phototranslations as taught in soundtron Revelation, the spans of space, time and mental super transitions, as well as physical faster-than-light-speed transitions, are accomplished with ease.

The complicated, complexed, and enigmatic thoughts that baffle and block the full scope of reality insights and potentials are often human-made mechanisms of logistical speculations.

In the age of Ion,  it will become universally understood that consciousness is not limited to embodiment in a mortal or physical frame.  Consciousness is a property of the anti-physical world but, like spirit, is able to possess the physical realms without combustion . Because consciousness is interdimensional, it cannot be assigned a singular position.  Although the information of consciousness is always available, the state of coherence and non-coherence is a matter involving the subject, who is the receptor.

With all this: “In the beginning was the Word” (St. John 1:1 KJV); the soundtron, the quantum jewelery of God-information planted in the everything of everywhere,,,,, it is no wonder that over the ages, the themes of God-prophesies have been mentally picked up and put into legends, metaphors, allegories, myths, folk tales, religions and parables.

It then comes down to interpretation, imagery, state of mind and time of culture as to how these repeated tales and experiences are written and broadcasted.  These collective descriptions called legends and mythology, whether to some points more or less literal, figurative, or symbolic, were all  arrows - some impure some purer; some consciously, some unconsciously - pointing to God’s plan for Jesus Christ to come and model in human flesh the highest image of the Invisible Ultimate God of Love.

All the commentaries of blabbery and fizz contributing the origins of the Bible and its concepts to Babylonian, Sumer civilization , and Zoroasterism religions, et cetera are disinformation to say the least.  There were civilizations that existed on Earth long before those said entities.  And long before all of that, the whole story of everything was written in the stars and the everything of everywhere.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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