The Secret of the Pyramids and Jacobs Ladder

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The Secret and Incredible Bible Story of “E’d”…


And they called the [great] altar “E’d”.

pyramids11(”E’d” pronounced as in “Eden”, compare Joshua 22:34 KJV - also called in the Bible: pillar, pyramid, monument, watchtower, witness and….).

“In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord.  And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt:  for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a saviour, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.” (Isaiah 19:19-20 KJV).  Note: Keep in mind the terms ”pillar”, “sign”, and “witness”.  (Many persons have equated this prophecy to be about one of the ancient and standing pyramids even though the dates of these pyramids are vastly more ancient than the prophecy).

The awesome truth is…the origin and pattern of the pyramid shape was revealed to Enoch in his travels on a transformer modular zzith, which is a host of zziths, each taking a modular pyramid shape and position. The log of this is to poise for energy charges and a defensive and reflective linking and collective space travel (compare MIV Hebrews  11:3 and Hebrews  11:5; also see KJV Hebrews 11:3 and Hebrews 11:5).  Understand, that the worlds of many sizes and shapes were framed from invisible energies, and that Enoch was carried aloft in a vehicle that had the capability to change and transform to different shapes and configurations of horizontal, vertical, and reflective and et cetera shapes. (The mis-applied term “translated” as used in the KJV failed to fulfill the deep revelation available… see Strong’s Greek Concordance #3331, #3346, and #5087).

The Scripture says:  By a substance of energy (faith), Enoch was carried aloft that he should not see death;  many persons searched for him but he could not be found.  This is because God had transferred him from Earth to another planet in the cosmos on a host of transformer modular transporters (zziths) that were modulated into a planadome (compare Psalms 18:10-11 KJV).  God’s choice to transport Enoch was because of his record of pleasing God (compare Hebrews  11:5 MIV; also see Hebrews 11:5 KJV).

Many other zzith experiences are in the Bible such as:  And the Lord came down in a zzith [pillar of a cloud] and appeared to Moses at the door of the tabernacle” (compare Numbers  12:5 MIV; see also Numbers 12:5 KJV).  And it came to pass, after Jesus Christ blessed His followers, He was parted from them as a zzith carried Him up to the sky and out of sight” (compare Luke  24:51 MIV; also see Luke 24:51 KJV; also compare 2 Kings 2:11-12 and Ezekiel 1:13-14 KJV).

The angels promised Jesus would return in like manner as He departed.  This was also the promise of Jesus: Then shall appear the ”sign of the Son of Man coming in the glory of the powerful zziths [clouds of heaven=power of the thunder and great glory]…as lightening from one end of the earth to the other” traveling at the speed of light  (compare Acts 1:9-11, Matthew 24:30-31, Ezekiel 1:14, Matthew 24:27 and Luke 17:24 KJV).

Most certainly the “sign” of the coming of the Lord will be the frequent and vast sightings of zziths and their angels, who the Bible says will be the angels preaching the everlasting gospel from the skies (compare Revelations 14:6 KJV). These sightings will exceed beyond any number of sightings that have ever before happened on Earth.

Zziths (called U.F.O.’s and Flying Saucers) have visited Earth from the beginning of Earth time because they are the transport vehicles of the Guardian, Watcher, and Creator messengers (angels) who, though having the capability to dematerialize and re-materialize (Judges 13:18-20 KJV), must take physical bodies in a physical universe in order to minister link to link to it.  This is the reason Yahvael also took the physical Jesus Christ body (Hebrews 2:16 KJV).

The original pyramid, pillar, tower, and altar revelations reveal monument pillars and stone altar pillar shrines built as miniature pattern appearances of the very transformer modular zziths that have visited Earth’s skies from the beginning of civilization.  Certain of these shrines were called “towers” and were used for searching star signs in the cosmos and zzith traffic in the skyways using an advanced secret kind of alt-azimuth coordinates.  This was the “E’d” method revealed to and used by the three wise men to find the zzith star space craft leading to the babe Jesus at the time of Jesus’ birth (Matthew 2:1-2 KJV).  As to the watchtowers (compare Matthew 21:33-39 and Matthew 21:42 KJV), the householder who was responsible for the tower revelation on Earth was, of course, Yahvael who sent Uuns angels, servants, and Son to witness to Israel, but who were rejected.  This given parable supports that  the “E’d” revelation was and is a God-directed revelation put in place since ancient times.

Some of the mammoth-sized pyramids were built and fashioned with this “E’d” knowledge…along with having other inbuilt messages about the living cosmos and their hosts of messenger angels. This revelation in the Bible is called “E’d” (not to be confused that ”ed” is a paradigm root in the Hebrew language).

The “E’d” story that I will deal with in this blog is the story of the Bible’s  “Jacob” whose name was changed by God from Jacob to “Israel” (Genesis 35:10 KJV).  Keep in mind: at this time, the name “Israel” referred to just one man.  The story begins when Rebekah, Jacob’s mother, convinces Isaac, her husband (Jacob’s father), to send Jacob to Padanaram (Mesopotamia) to find a wife (but really to mainly escape the wrath of his brother Esau - see Genesis 35:1 KJV).

It was on Jacob’s journey of escape that he had a life-changing experience. On the way to Padanaram, tired and weary, Jacob found some stones of a kind for a pillow to rest his head upon, and laid down to sleep.   As he slept he had a virtual reality dream and saw a lattice work, likened unto a great staircase, whereupon angels of God were ascending and descending on it (compare Genesis 28:12 KJV).

Upon waking, Jacob realized the reality of his dream and that the very place where he slept, the presence of the Lord abode there.

Suddenly he saw before himself a “fearful thing” (Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary #3372 - the term “fearful thing” is preferred by the Manifester over the term “dreadful”as used the KJV Bible).

Jacob called this “fearful thing” the “house of God”, and the opening into it, he called the ”gate to heaven” (Genesis 28:17 KJV).  The landed  zzith, was created from a highly radiating dark energy and looked, to Jacob’s untrained eyes, as if ”the house of God” (zzith) had a dark, cave-like entrance (as used in the zzith, a dark, radiating, transparent energy that actually gave off light but to the untrained eyes appeared dark). (Compare Psalms 139:12 KJV, Exodus 24:10 KJV…..this Scripture describes a partial of a modular zzith hovering in the sky, witnessed by over seventy persons).

But because Jacob knew by his belief instincts that everything about a “house of God” had to be ethereal, he called this mysterious, dark-hole entrance to the house of God: “the gate to heaven” (compare Psalms 18:9-11, Psalms 97:2, Psalms 139:12 KJV).

Jacob spent the day at this holy ground receiving instructions and information about “E’d”.  The next morning, he took the kind of stones he had selected for a pillow to build a pillar of stones; and the very stone pillow he slept on, he selected as part of the crown for the pillar.  Thus, this pillar was an altar to witness the “house of God” (the zzith space craft) and the Lord’s presence (compare Genesis 28:22 KJV and Genesis 28:16 KJV).  This was an “E’d” pillar and not intended for making sacrifices on, but was a witness and a pattern of the zzith spacecraft of the Lord of hosts.

Jacob continued to have extra terrestrial experiences regarding the hosts of God.  One unforgettable experience, with much to be explained about, was Jacob’s meeting with the Mahanaim, two distinct groups of extra terrestrial angels belonging to God’s Hosts, (Genesis 32:1-2 KJV).  Also, it was revealed to Jacob  how to make rod proxies of the holy scepter rod of rings.  It was this rod proxy that allowed Jacob to exceed in animal husbandry (compare Genesis 30:37-43 KJV).

Joseph, the son of Jacob, received the “E’d” revelation from his father and passed it on to his family to be carried forward with his son Manasseh’s offspring.   To become an “E’d” Destinata, was to become a “witness” (“witness” is one of the meanings of the word “E’d”) and a “watcher” of “E’d” signs on Earth and in the skies of the Earth and signs in universal space.

No doubt, Joseph was destined for his rendezvous with the pyramids at Egypt and his destiny to wear the signature ring of the reigning Pharaoh and become the second-in-command to the Pharaoh.  Joseph  understood the “E’d” revelation to a great extent, and dreamed of celestial bodies representing humans and therefore understood that he and his family were from a star-land kingdom (compare Genesis 37:9 KJV).

Years later, an event happened between the tribes of Israel that revealed a portion of the secret “E’d” knowledge. As the tribes were settling in after their won wars over the local Canaan natives, Joshua called the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh and told them they had kept their promise to Moses to remain through the native wars before leaving for the other side of Jordan to their heritage lands.  Joshua blessed them, and they departed for their promised lands.

At the border, at the site of the passage place of Israel at the Jordan river, on the side of the Jordan river, still in Canaan, the three departing tribes built a great altar that was a sight to see (compare Joshua 22:10 KJV).  These were the offspring of Joseph that had kept the secret of “E’d”, and this altar was to be a sign of their testimony in monument witness, especially for the kindred Israel tribes to see of their life and the dedication and in a secret code way, proclaiming the “E’d” revelation that they had kept while on the side of Jordan they were leaving.

So after they finished the great “E’d” shrine and its dedication, these tribes -  the Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh - departed over Jordan to their lands of inheritance.

It was not long before the imposing sight of this great altar (pillar) was noticed by persons of the tribes of Israel (compare Joshua 22:11 KJV).  The altar was considered by the tribes of Israel (on the Canaan side of Jordan) to be a violation of the sacred trust of one God and one worship place before the tabernacle, under the seership of the Levite priests (compare Joshua 22:19 KJV). The thousands of the tribes of Israel prepared to go to war against these three rebellious tribes (compare Joshua 22:12 KJV).

But first they sent Phinehas the priest and ten princes representing the tribes on the Canaan side of Jordan to allow an opportunity for them to present their case (compare Joshua 22:12-13 KJV).

These “E’d” tribes could not reveal the whole story to the ten prince heads of the other tribes.  The “E’d” tribes knew that the main issue of disagreement to the Levite priests and the heads of the other tribes was the sacred right and tradition of the meat offerings and sacrifices to be exclusively performed by the Leviticus Priests.  This would be easily explained because the “E’d” altar was not built for the purposes of offerings and sacrifices (compare Joshua 22:26-28 KJV).

The “E’d” altars were a witness of the Lord of hosts.  And that, once explained, should not be an issue between the tribes.   The very Jordan river could be used to show a separation of the tribes and a need to have a witness and reminder of their kindred, common belief in God and the war part faithfully contributed by the Reuben, Gad and Manasseh tribes.  So then, by the reminder of the “E’d” altar monument (an altar that in no way was a sacrifice altar or a stand-in for such, nor for replacing the tabernacle altar of offerings and sacrifices) the tribes in Canaan would not, in the years of the future, consider the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the one half tribe of Manasseh as drop-outs (compare Joshua 22:26-28 KJV).

This explanation was satisfactory to Phinehas the priest and the ten prince heads of the other tribes of Israel, and an understanding was accomplished without revealing the true secret of the “E’d” revelation… (compare Joshua 22:30 KJV).

Interestingly, the “E’d” revelation  included the revelation of extra-terrestrial messengers and the to-be, very birth place of Jesus Christ.  The ten tribes of Israel who could not be trusted with the “E’d” revelation are the very ancestors whose offspring rejected and crucified Jesus the Christ (compare Matthew 23:34-36 KJV).

The revelation of “E’d” incorporated knowledge about an Earth metaphor of the First Domain, the chariots of the gods and their pilots (the zzith space craft and pilots called Engines), the  pyramids, the watchtowers, the alt-azimuth coordinates, the Holy Scepter of “E’d” that holds the rings of the stones of fire, the birth place of Jesus Christ, and the war between the army of darkness and the army of Light.

The war of Principalities goes on…

Lucifer, you were an anointed Cherub of the Cherubim: you have been in “E’d” (Eden, home of the stones of fire); you have walked up and down in the stones of fire, but I God will remove the stones of fire from you, because you have transgressed.  (Compare Ezekiel 28:14-16 KJV).  I God will not allow you to have charge of Eden’s Holy Scepter and its rings (a rod-like staff that held several rings of power called stones of fire - compare Amos 1:5 KJV and Solomon’s Song 5:14 KJV), for I will hide it in a secret place.

Know, Lucifer, that one day in time you shall come against Earth as the Satan Dragon.  You shall be driven with the thoughts of Eden and the Holy Scepter (also spelled Sceptre) always before your mind (compare Joel 2:3 KJV).    The Mantis and Locust people (Revelation 9:7-11 and Joel 2:2-10 KJV) of the Gog and the Magog shall be your great army (compare Revelations 20:8 KJV).

You, O Lucifer Satan, are obsessed to capture the stones of fire power of “E’d” (Eden) and its Holy Scepter.

I showed Jacob the crystal lattice whereupon the messengers (angels) of God ascended and descended faster than the speed of light.  Where Jacob was led to lay down for sleep was a holy spot, and he at first knew it not; he awoke in the morning and knew he had slept on holy ground (compare Genesis 28:11-12 KJV).  He took the stones he had selected for pillows and made a pillar memorial out of them (compare Genesis 28:18 and Genesis 28:22 KJV).  This was the beginning of the proxy altar signs of “E’d”.  The circumstances were entwined with branches of family relationship just as it could be expected to be.

So it was to be, patterns to be made on Earth would link to patterns of the heavens: an altar, not intended for sacrifices, but intended for a sign of witness and union - a story about a prince whose name was Ed (the Elohym Dominion) and his princess Ed-ah (the bride of Christ) who from the heavens came from afar.  They are Watchers, who stand before the God of the Earth and heavens. Go therefore a-reeling, ye Destinata:  sway to the left; sway to the right; rejoice for this Word.

Prince Ed and Princess Ed-ah are not a make-up story; they are named in the Holy Bible, and they are real (Joshua 22:34 KJV).  As appointed spirits, they stand by the whole earth as witnesses (compare Zechariah 4:14 KJV).

Ed and Ed-ah are a part of the Elohim Dominion “Ed” (Eden). “Ed”, therefore, is the mystery of the mysteries wrapped in one hundred fold revelation.

In the “all things are possible” way, the needle’s eye opens; synecdoche strikes the hour; renewal comes in the form of Ach ah….the once lost language of the kindred of Yah. Energy Dots dance to the song of the unrolled scroll; knowledge prepares to cover the Earth with insights heretofore only wished for.

They are spiritual and supernatural; yet, in the process of universal life, they rose from forms common to humans.   This declarative is written for the keen of mind:

“Blow the trumpet in Zion…let the Bridegroom go forth of His chamber, and the Bride out of her closet” (compare Joel 2:15-16 KJV).  “There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.  Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.  In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it…”. (See Psalms 19:3-6 KJV.) ”There is no barrier this circuit cannot penetrate; there is no place this circuitry of great speed cannot reach” (compare MIV Psalms  19:6; see also KJV Psalms 19:6).  

Hear you, ears of the saints; go to the watchtowers of your minds: follow; listen to the words of the prophet:

“Feed your people who are the Destinata of your heritage with the rod of the Holy Scepter; among the woods of Bashan, Gilead, and Carmel dwell in meditation; revive ancient revelation.  According to the wisdoms taught you during your time in spiritual Egypt [compare Revelation 11:8 KJV], I will bring forth marvelous things”. (Compare MIV Micah  7:14-15; see also KJV Micah 7:14-15).

And what are these marvelous things?  “And to the tower [“Edar” Genesis 35:21 KJV] of the flock, the strong hold Zion of Mary, the mother-of-Jesus-to-be, the king of the dominion shall be birthed in you, O daughter of Jerusalem” (compare MIV Micah  4:8; see also KJV Micah 4:8).

“O’ Bethlehem Ephratah, though you are but little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you will be born the one who is to be the ruler of Israel; He, on His chariots like lightnings, has come and gone since times everlasting.” (Compare MIV Micah  5:2; see also KJV Micah 5:2).

So the star the wise men followed was a zzith.  And Jesus was born in a “house of God” (compare Matthew 2:10-11 KJV), a landed zzith, which door into looked to the untrained eye as a cave entrance, but was in fact the “gate to heaven”.  And this happened in an extended Bethlehem which at the time included the area of Ephratah.

Here was the Tower of “Edar”, and there at near was where the shepherds cared for the sheep flocks that were for the offerings and sacrifices of the tabernacle altar in Jerusalem. (Compare St Luke 2:8-15 KJV.)

All the traditions not understood are here: the manger where Jesus was said to be born, the cave where Jesus was said to be born, the site where the shepherds who rejoiced with such fervor who met and were explained about the birth of Jesus Christ at the setting of  the shepherd manger site, at the setting of the Tower of Edar site.  Here, then, was born the real superman, born in a zzith from the faraway places of the Father’s House.

Here, then, is the Manifester blog of all blogs rewritten from very compact information in the Holy Manifest… Much more is to become available on the subject of “E’d” written in the chapter book of the Holy Manifest called “My Father’s House”.  This epic was written over forty years ago and is just now, in these times, soon-to-be released along with the Manifest Peace Bible.

With the Love in my heart for you,

The Manifester Yada

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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