The Lost Rights to Angels

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for Expressing the "HIGH PLACES OF THE MIND"


fallenangelIn the long of time and even before the counting of time the deep white haired ancientness of the existence of angel creativity is an alert to happenings more ancient than time itself.

Due to the complex of circumstances there has been a loss to the privileges belonging to some angels.

Those places known in local histories as “high places” in truth were insults to the real meaning of the lost rights to angels for expressing the “high places of the mind”, as once was a “free given” freely exercised in the ethereal heights of exclaim.

In the vanishing points of time there looms story tapestries to help better understand such terms as “forever and ever” and “eternity”

At the cross-angles where dimensions are unfurled, angels who were once peace angels have slowly been transforming into a ready appearance of super soldiers more powerful in thought than a trillion times trillion computers.

These angels of the Seven Trumpets of God, being a part of the “Seven Spirits of God”, being a part of the Seven universes, which range over vast stretches of continuums (unknown as to the understanding, except to angels), which are a part of that part of forever’s knowledge of angels, such a part who are bound in the great Euphrates river of time. (Compare, Revelation 9:13-16 KJV).

These bound Cherubim angels, who being co-uned to Lucifer, are angry and prepared to strike in revenge. Lucifer the Rock [Tyrus] is a Cherubim angel, Ezekiel 28:14-15 KJV, his co-uned angels who were also Cherubim angels fell with him, (Compare, Revelation 12:9 KJV). When the fifth trumpet sounds and Abaddon is set up with the keys to a huge space kingdom, Abaddon at the sound of the sixth trumpet will annex the bound Cherubim co-uned to him for spiriting the creation of countless Mantis creatures (the locust, read Revelation 9:1-) who as Mantis will become 100% pure war creations.

Understand, the Lucifer co-uned Cherubim represent only a small part of the full number of the Cherubim. The main vast number of this group under Gabriel did not fall. However, each of the co-uned to Lucifer angels are equal to having the power of archangels.

The long of the long of time is forever spinning. Consequently, not even for a moment must the idea linger from perishing that expresses the thought that the all of the all that has ever been, is enfolded in the present life and universe.

The awful truth that the story of these Cherubim has been held in seclusion even going back to the holy ordinance of the Levite Law, (with but extremely limited selection), forbid every eye from seeing and every foot from walking up to the veiled ark, {which was complete with mercy seat, and two enshrined Cherubim angels}.

Keeping in mind as to the legitimacy of this whole described creative episode of the making of the army of Mantis, there is a lean in the space vacuum of this universe, a marker in time, which is to be put up by none other than Lucifer Satan. Nevertheless, at the White Thrones of Judgment all that has been planted which is not of God will be plucked up.

It has come up that rituals do not explain at length the holy building of the cubits of truth.   When with God a single day can equal a thousand years…and such writ is only an instant of the unravel of holy reality…then is it not time for perking up ones inner sanctum where abides the Kingdom of God and the Arcanum that holds the prizes of insights beyond the beyond?

Do I not know that the event that broke one language into many and made Babel a kingdom of guttural-osity was the works of angels? Of course I do. And I also know that because of this break up of the language, the Forces Dark has used this factor to speak mysteriously in tongues of devils as a mock of the good angels’ tongues.  

Due to the utter of backslidings, the anti-saints have become accustomed to living on the outskirts of hell, and being delusional, have come to love the neighborhood despite its location.   In the minds of those persons who daily eat pornography, living successions of lust are called queens. Many churches have become so busy entertaining that they seem unaware of the living successions that play the theatre of lust right in the workshops of their sanctuaries.

Their ministers’ interpretations are so bent and their predictions so far off that they are ignorantly doing the work of the devil at his pleasure.

The spirituality of the true prophets is so different they do not hang around these said religious habitats.

The real catastrophe in the world today is the demise of spirituality in the church temple.   The churches are supposed to be the pillars that hold up the whole world and its sins. This is a far more serious situation than all the conspiracies and end of the world sermons in existence. Don’t become confused that numbers mean spiritual success or spiritual advance.

This loss of faith under the title of natural religion is a serious threat to the planet earth.

It is written: When Israel was a child I loved him and called him out of Egypt.  One day this innocence must be returned to the church before the day of the Revenge of the Angels.

Fowl functions of religion have been ignorantly built into what was to become modern faith. For instance the Hebrew word that means “Priest” in old Arabic incorporates the term “soothsayer”. This is simply one point out of many points that could be made. The proof is in the hand print of the potter, which potter was the creator of forms of religion which really came out of Semitic heathenism.  

Many of the so-called divine words used in the Bible such as El and Elohym clearly were previously used by idol worshipping nations. So what is the answer to all this? God has said: I cannot bear your assemblies; I take no pleasure in them. Take away from me the noise of your songs; let me not hear the melodies of your viols.  But let justice flow as waters, and righteousness like a perennial stream.

God does not want entertainment; God wants sincere hearts and persons willing to be purified. For it is written: I will turn my hand upon you, and purely purge away your dross, and take away all your tin.   (Compare, Isaiah 1:10-25).

In the gift of discerning of spirits one must be able to distinguish the difference between those who dream the ecstatic vision in a frenzy of the divine, which vision has no intelligent or spiritual meaning, but is only gas, and the dream visions of the prophets and people who forecast the real.

Even those persons who are used by God to speak God’s words must always separate their own words and show the essential difference between the two kinds of word, as to which word is a Holy Spirit word and which word is a me word of explanation. Paul the apostle did this by referring to his me things by saying: I speak this word of myself and I have no commandment of God on this subject.   Many people are willing to listen to a man of God even when the word is advice from that person but not a Holy Ghost oracle.

The Bible is described in the church from old times to modern times as being very narrow in its conceptions and to this idea many a persons cling. Perhaps this idea comes from the scripture Jesus spoke about the straight and narrow way. But Jesus was referring to Himself as being the one and only way and not about the narrow limits of revelation of the scripture. Of course this idea of narrow conceptions limits the secrets and mysteries of the Bible in its 30, 60, 100 fold revelations. What blindness, what a shame.

Back to THE REVENGE OF THE ANGELS…Because it is written: we must live by every word that has proceeded out of the mouth of God…then it is evident that all truth is intent to be known that was spoken by God.

The Revenge of the Angels is a title to reveal that all angels who have once ever known the glory of the First Domain, weather good angel or bad angel, because of their awesome respect before the word of God still revere the knowledge of God.  Even when in the wrong, but operating according to their own justification, they still desire to be free to express the worlds of knowledge that live in them.

The bad angels, so restricted, will eventually react violently. The good angels will posture for deeper patience. This sentence should therefore tell you who the angels are who are those seeking revenge.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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