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There is evidence throughout the Bible of opportunities offered by God to many persons but missed because of those people failing to fulfill the promise. I Corinthians 2:7-8 KJV: Says: We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world UNTO OUR GLORY: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified THE LORD OF GLORY. This is a profound statement. Obviously this knowledge is not available to human nature regardless of the nobility of the persons.

This revelation is interwoven so deeply that is is profoundly unearthly. It is non-terrestrial, and the only way this mystery can be perceived is by the Holy Spirit revealing it to selective persons individual by individual. Nevertheless, it regards an insight that belongs to our glory. If the Christians knew this story in the whole of it's parts the very Jordan river would swell so extensively that only those led by the Spirit would be able to walk across it to the other side.

But when they got to the other side of Jordan, so to speak, they would shout a shout which would bring down walls of ignorance. If the Christians who have joined the moderators of gloom and doom would understand that this is not the time of the end of the world nor the time of the day of the Lord...they could have, and still could be a voice of comfort and prophecy to the world of that message and it could have a major affect to many people.

This missed opportunity to this far, is a SHATTERED GLORY that belonged to the saints since before the beginning of this world. The gifts of the Spirit have been offered to the church but millions have not sought to discover them and use them. They have always relegated those gifts to the leadership which as such are barely used. The gifts of discerning of spirits, healing, and helps which obviously includes the gift to love your neighbor is in neglect of use. This neglect of use to this far is a SHATTERED GLORY that belonged to the saints since before the beginning of this world. The numbers of suffering and sick in this world are of vast multitudes.

The Bible points out, that it has not even entered into the minds and hearts of the people the things that God has prepared for those who love AM. No doubt another SHATTERED GLORY epic is involved here. Add the above SHATTERED GLORY to the unlisted Glories of God missed and there is created a sensationally gross picture. Dare we add: The fall of the Ophannim, and the East Garden of Eden failure, yes, the list goes on and on. It is time to make a change in the thinking of the mind. It is time to ask God to restore the years eaten by chosen creatures of the forces dark.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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Dr. Jerry O. Lee

Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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  • Deeproot


    01 September 2011 pm30 15:29 |
    I Witness -
    The curriculum is hard in the school of life, and yet it is our time and chance of unmerited favor, to seek and be open to learn by the Holy Spirit the radical blessings of the fore-ordained glories to be revealed in us. (Romans 8:18).

    Come HOLY GHOST with Your heavenly aid,
    And fill our hearts which You have made,
    With the gifts that from your Love does flow;
    And Your Comfort blessed on us bestow.

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