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Synecdoche: (sin-ek-doe-kee) A word describing a part of a thing, person, or expression, which nevertheless stands for the whole of a thing, person, or expression.


In order to have contextual insight and to understand the cross-over metaphors, parallels, parables, and metonymy used in the language of the Bible revealing these antecedent creations and war episodes (which involved Lucifer and the said hosts of angels).

It becomes revelatory to understand manifest conjunctive synecdoche and relative-sympathetic scriptural passages that are virtual or literal connecting text on a local reading or on total Bible reading scale.  An implied point can be an implicit point, virtually or literally contained and underlying sheer categorical and absolute utter adjunctive ellipsis.

Please, by the Holy Spirit, bear with the deep words of these syntactical arrows until I’m able to manifest to you the deeper content of the embedded Word of the Bible.  May your love for goodness and truth open the neurons of your mind.  May your mind open to the Light that shines from above.  This deeper Word incorporates the three Holy, Holy, Holy meanings: the thirtyfold, sixtyfold, hundredfold revelation, and the MIV Bible threefold pesher insight to Scriptures.

For easier understanding I will define the terms manifest conjunctive synecdoche and metonymy, which term methods are often used in the Bible:

  • Manifest: To bring to light, to make known.
  • Conjunctive: A grammar term meaning connective, serving to join.
  • Metonymy: (mito’nimee) The replacement of a word by another word closely related to the original.
  • Synecdoche: (sin-ek-doe-kee) A word describing a part of a thing, person, or expression, which nevertheless stands for the whole of a thing, person, or expression.  Also, where a term is used to describe the whole of a thing, person, or expression which nevertheless stands for all its parts.  Also understanding one thing with another.

To continue this subject, 2 Timothy 3:16 (KJV) says: All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 

Synecdoche-wise, the terms “all scripture” are the whole of the Bible verses and its words and, therefore, the terms “all scripture” have many parts.  Also the conjunction “and” is a synecdoche, being the whole of the messages of the “all scripture”/Bible which have/has many categories and parts. These categories and parts are said in this Scripture to be “profitable”, or in other terms to have benefits.

The categories are named:  doctrine, reproof, correction, and instructions in righteousness. 

However, it is one thing to have information and benefits in a general sense and quite another thing to have information and benefits in a total and manifested specific sense.

So then, benefits are named in general but not specifically in this verse; and, therefore, as it stands in this verse alone, the rest of the missing information is a subject ellipses.   Consequently, the local context in this local verse depends on the total applicable subject context of the whole Bible…

Dr. Jerry O. Lee
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  • Liberty


    27 March 2014 pm31 12:32 |
    New Maths — new insights on the universe and creation.

    I just never knew this starvation was even in me until I became hungry for this!

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